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Cafe Stritch


374 South 1st St.
San Jose, CA 95113
ph. (408) 280-6161
em. steve@cafestritch.com


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Date Event Time / Price
Jan19Fri Wil Blades Trio 8:30 pm
Jan20Sat The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol - Residency 8:30 pm
Jan21Sun The Eulipions Jazz Jam Session 7:00 pm
Jan25Thu Giulio Cetto Quartet 8:30 pm
Jan26Fri Leon Joyce Quartet 8:30 pm
Jan27Sat Andrew Speight Quartet - Residency 8:30 pm
Jan28Sun The Eulipions Jazz Jam Session 7:00 pm

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Cafe Stritch Downtown San Jose's hot spot for awesome food, coffee, craft beer, music, and art!

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